ASPIRE Creative Arts Program offers a wide range of classes to meet the specific needs of each student. Together with each student and their families, we are able to create a unique person-centered program.

General Program Information

– 1:6 Ratio

– Site-based program with periodic field trips

– Opened year-round, observing national holidays

– Vendored through Regional Center of Orange County, and also serving neighboring regional center clients

– Transportation is not provided but can be arranged through your service coordinator at Regional Center

Who We Serve

– Ages 22 and older

– Those with an intellectual disability who are ambulatory, capable of handling their personal needs, and show no current aggressive behaviors

– Those showing an interest, skill, or talent in any of the arts

– Full time and part time students (2-5 days per week)

Enrollment Process

– Schedule a tour by calling (714) 635-5261 or (888) 550-ARTS (2787)

– Contact your service coordinator at Regional Center and ask them to send a referral packet to ASPIRE Creative Arts Program

– A 2 day assessment will be arranged

– If accepted, paperwork for the program must be completed before the student’s first day of attendance

– Proof of a TB test dated within the past year must be provided before the first day of attendance

Daily Program Information

– Each student has 5 scheduled classes a day

– Each class is 50 minutes long

– Lunches last 1 hour

– Students can bring a lunch or purchase food items at our store. Microwaves and a refrigerator are available for students to use with staff assistance.

– 10 minute breaks are given between classes

– Schedules vary each day to offer a wider selection of classes to everyone

We work with each person to create an individualized program that best fits their specific needs. Please let us know if you have any questions.