Community Engagement

ASPIRE Creative Arts Program provides unique and impactful opportunities for students to connect with their community. Over the past year, they have engaged in art exhibitions, workshops, and performances. In addition, students are actively involved in creating new community engagement projects, which makes these events truly meaningful.

Art Exhibitions

Exhibitions provide the opportunity to publicly support our artists and their work. ASPIRE continually pursues new avenues to highlight their artwork, which is usually for sale and gives our artists an opportunity to earn a commission.

Public Performances

ASPIRE provides several opportunities for students to perform for the public. Every year, ASPIRE performs in the VSA Festival, open house events, and our annual Christmas Show, which has become a beloved holiday tradition for many in the community.

Out in the Community

Memorable and unique trips are planned throughout the year. Our favorites include performances at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, hiking at Oak Canyon Nature Center, visits to the O.C. Fair, and a behind-the-scenes tour at Angels Stadium.

Community Exchange

ASPIRE collaborates with local performers in Community Exchange events, which allows students and guests to perform for each other and engage in discussions. These events provide educational performing experiences while increasing public awareness about our students’ abilities.