Giving Back Projects

ASPIRE Creative Arts Program is committed to providing meaningful opportunities that allow adults with intellectual disabilities to give back to their community. These projects allow all our students to make an impact, connect with the community at large, and share their many talents.

Swaddling Blanket Project

ASPIRE students created unique artwork on swaddling blankets that were donated to UCI Medical Center for newborn babies from lower-income families. These blankets served as a special gift for families in need to take home with their newborn child.

Bookmarks for Middle Schoolers

To help promote reading in middle school, ASPIRE students created colorful bookmarks that were donated to 7th & 8th graders at MacArthur Intermediate School. The bookmarks were created using a modernized form of the art technique called, ‘Batik’.

Plants for Hospice Patients

Potted succulent plants with inspirational notes were donated to CareCHOICES Hospice. ASPIRE students created the artwork on the flowerpots, arranged the succulents, and expressed their heart-felt sentiments with an attached card.

Hand Puppets for Injured Children

Hand puppets created by our students were donated to young children at the UCI Medical Center’s burn unit. The Child Life Specialist and Occupational Therapist used the puppets to “play” with the children, helping them regain their fine motor skills.

Public Performances

ASPIRE students perform in the community and onsite to entertain, inspire, and educate the public. These events provide our performers with a meaningful way to give back to their community.

Sensory Friendly Event

ASPIRE hosted a sensory friendly concert with music, dance, and art projects for high school students with severe multiple disabilities. Our students shared their talents and skills with those who rarely have the opportunity to experience art and performances in the community.