Featured Artists

Joanna Buon-Cristiani

Joanna Buon-Cristiani’s Prismacolor works on paper are saturated edge-to-edge with color, pattern, and playful imagery. Her distinctive style pops with a chromatic sophistication, and her intricate pattern work weaves multidimensional space. Joanna works with great joy and focus, and is always eager to create new pieces.

Robert Burlingame

Robert (Tony) Burlingame’s artwork is formed by fluid, free-flowing, colorful lines and shapes. His cheerful personality is reflected in the uninhibited bursts of form on paper. Although his drawings might appear abstract to the outsider, they often include personal “tidbits,” such as a tent from the time he went camping, or the bus that he takes to and from ASPIRE Creative Arts Program. Robert also enjoys making broad expressionist watercolor paintings, that are bold and delightful.


Chih has a distinct approach to art motivated directly by his equal interest in words and word combinations. Chih’s text art becomes a dizzying array of his favorite names and objects, and are drawn with great immediacy, bringing thought directly to pen and paper. Through intention and style, his signature font and complex compositions turn words and symbols into rhythmic and dynamic artworks.


Melanie’s approach to abstract drawing is methodical and sensitive. She delicately draws each shape, coloring them in one at a time, over the course of weeks or months. The completed Prismacolor drawings are vibrant, crisp, and original. When Melanie isn’t making geometric abstract compositions, she likes to draw fun figures and scenes inspired by her personal biography, including, E.T., Camp Lejeune, spiders, and monsters.

Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore’s unfolding narratives are full of wit and imagination. Using primarily pen and ink on paper, Jessica swiftly characterizes scenes from her favorite subjects including: desert landscapes, camps, villages and forts, settlers and Native Americans, and beach cove scenes. Each work is filled with detail, and reveals the original wit and playful spirit which is also seen in Jessica’s giving personality.